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Disney +: Finally the free trial period in the streaming service!

The popular streaming service Disney +, which has been available to the public since the end of last year, no longer offers to young people users free trial period, to get a taste of it content of the platform.

Until now, the free trial was a privilege that new members had in the Disney + streaming service for 7 days, before deciding if they were happy with the content and therefore if they would proceed. assistance for a fee or not. A Disney spokesman said the streaming service has an attractive price tag company believes that it is in itself an exciting offer for them customers of the platform. The subscription to Disney + streaming service is $ 6,99 per month or $ 69,99 per year. Optionally, users can download Disney +, Hulu and ESPN + as part of a package priced at $ 12,99 per month.

The free trial period is a standard for streaming services, but it is not universal. Dazn, a leading sports streaming service that includes some of the biggest boxing and MMA races that industry, stopped providing the public with a free trial last year.

Many believe that Disney's decision to stop offering free trial to its new users could have an impact on platform of. Undoubtedly, some are abusing this system, creating temporary ones accounts for various purposes, which enables them to take advantage of the free trial period continuously and never really pay for the service.

The abolition of the trial period also makes it easier for Disney to control the "real" subscribers who use its platform. In addition, this move proves that Disney is confident special offer and its ability to compete with other streaming services. While this is a move that is expected to upset many new service subscribers, at least it is important that there are no contracts, so if someone tries the service for a month and eventually finds that they don't like its content, they will only lose 6,99 , $ 3. This change comes a few days before the screening of the long-awaited musical "Hamilton" which will premiere on July XNUMX.

It is worth noting that in the first five months of its operation, Disney + gained more than 50 million subscribers. Finally, other streaming services, such as Netflix and Amazon Prime, offer their new users a 30-day trial period.


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