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Internet sex: What are the safest platforms?

The quarantine made us spend many hours at home. Free time was a good opportunity to improve our sex lives. Those who were lucky enough were quarantined with their other half and had more sex than ever. Instead, the unlucky ones used a range of dating apps and digital platforms to find motivation. Instead of being exposed to the virus, they were exposed online.

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Sex in the middle of quarantine was not necessarily safe or easy. Hackers can easily spot these personal moments and capture the faces of the protagonists. You need to be careful with the platforms you use to communicate with the person you have sex with online. Below you will see the safest platforms (from worst to best) to have sex online:

10. Facebook

Facebook has a very bad reputation in terms of sensitive information. The messenger is watching photos and video. In addition, there have been many scandals involving the collection of users' personal data. Although Facebook Messenger's video calling feature has recently implemented Messenger Rooms, don't trust it. Mark Zuckerberg. Of course we all keep our Facebook page, so it's obviously still cool.

9. Zoom

Have you heard of Zoom? The COVID-19 pandemic has grown in popularity. That's why it's not so good anymore: a lot of people use it. The platform is very shaky and there have been some encouraging security issues. Of course the hackers took advantage of the fact that everyone was using the platform and invading meetings and presented porn videos and images and various propaganda on various topics. So as you can see, Zoom is good for business purposes and not for online sex.

8. Houseparty

The advantage of the Houseparty video-application is that it has the ability to "lock-door". Also, Houseparty is an informal platform and a steady removal from more business applications like Zoom. However, the whole issue is designed for groups of up to eight people coming and going talks. One can "invade the house" without informing you (if you forget to lock your door). Houseparty is an app you could use to play it The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt on the Nintendo Switch. Unfortunately, we do not recommend it for online sex.

7. Google Hangouts

The main danger of Google Hangouts: Google accounts are connected to multiple devices at the same time; that means someone else could use another of your devices and see your personal moments. The main advantage of Google Hangouts: the "disable chat" feature allows messages to disappear.

6 Whatsapp

Almost everyone uses WhatsApp, so you're probably already stressed. Maybe you only used it for instant messaging, but the video call mode isn't too bad either. The application is secure and reliable (with encryption from end to end top level).

5. Instagram

That doesn't mean you have to start sending these inappropriate DMs wherever they are. Contrary to popular belief, the so-called DMing should be intended for people you have met or met in person.

Instagram may be the hottest platform on the market. From gymnasts to models, they use it every day, promoting their work. Its messenger now allows you to send videos and photos that disappear after a rerun (if you want). However, Instagram belongs to Facebook, so stay wary.

4. Snapchat

Snapchat is the pioneer of social media that disappears the photos and messages sent. However, this platform has not evolved much. The screenshot notification feature is easy to manage and the new interface is a bit "ugly".

3. Skype

It's amazing that people turned to Zoom so fast when the lockdown started. Skype is the original gangster of video chats. To date, its history of leaks and data issues is quite commendable, but there is no automatic end-to-end encryption. You can, however, start private calls with encryption. Unfortunately, no one seems to have a Skype account anymore.

2. Phone sex

Old but timeless way. Sure, it's not the most advanced way to have sex online, but it's an experience combined with nostalgia. Bonus: if your virtual friend is not the best partner it will be easier to imagine someone else…

1. FaceTime

For the only thing you have to worry about FaceTime is that the NSA he may record you by doing the deed (or you may find it tempting). Apart from the government, no one else can see you and your partner. In terms of accessibility, FaceTime can be used if you are an Apple user. If you do not have Poppy or iPhone, you ran out of luck (literally).



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