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Remote work: What are the difficulties for employees?

Remote work

His pandemic COVID-19: forced many workers to go to remote work. In fact, despite the lifting of restrictions on many countries, many workers still continue to work from it home their. However, there are several technical difficulties during remote work. This situation affects them so much employees as well as them employers.

The application design company, Fluxon, made a research in which they participated 1.005 employees who during the lockdown were forced to leave their offices and work from home. The company wanted to see them changes in behavior work due to the transition to remote work.

Fluxon found that η work from home has significant benefits for some employees. In general, people were satisfied with remote work.

Nearly one in four (23,3%) employees reported feeling better disciplined and almost one in three (29,6%) reported feeling better creative, working from home.

However, almost three in four (72,4%) said they had some difficulties during this transition. THE technology plays a big role in these difficulties.

More than half (50,6%) said they had experienced it technological problems while working from home. Nearly two in five (39,6%) and more than one in three (34,4%) had problems during teleconferencing with their colleagues.

One in three employees reported feeling less disciplined and efficient, while at the same time many felt Social isolation (32,5%) and boredom (31%).

Also, 12% admitted to having problems with colleagues communicating with them outside of working hours.

Although the majority of employees want to continue their remote work, several things need to be done so that technology to be used successfully.

It is necessary to exist effective collaborative tools and applications that will allow employees to do their job better.

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