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Smart ring detects COVID-19 symptoms in NBA players

The season starts again for the NBA and with it comes a new one gadgets that will help them players to stay healthy.


The organizing authority of their basketball championship USA, will use the facilities of Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida to restart the season. And as it became known, players will use a new one w to monitor their health and detect symptoms COVID-19.

Wearable is a smart ring called Oura and can monitor temperature, heart rate, sleep and breathing rates and will be offered to NBA players, according to CBS Sports on Thursday.

The smart ring will provide early warning signs if a player is at risk of being infected by coronavirus in accordance with The Athletic, as evidenced by a memo from NBPA.

The resumption of the NBA season is scheduled for July 30 and according to information, the players will stay in three separate resorts of Disney World. They will play games at the ESPN Wide World of Sports facility.

Some have suggested, however, that perhaps a better use of the Oura smart ring would be to give it to front-line workers, such as doctors, nurses, medical staff and teachers. The NBA has not yet made a statement on the issue.


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