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England: Police have "excessive" access to device data

According to security investigators, police in England and Wales are receiving a huge amount of personal data from smartphones when surveys are conducted.


According to Information Commissioner Elizabeth Denham, this practice could prevent users from reporting a crime or assisting the police.

In fact, in a report on the extraction of mobile phone data by the police (MPE), he demands that there be a "legal code of practice" for the law enforcement authorities.

Investigations into the matter are still ongoing in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

In some cases, the police ask for information not only from them Appliances of the suspects but also from the smartphone of a witness or victim.

The Office of the Information Commissioner (ICO) launched its investigation after concerns that police were inconsistent in how they collected data, and many officials adopted "an overly broad approach to data extraction."

Η report states that mobile phones "reveal patterns of our daily personal and professional lives and allow insightful conclusions about our actions, behavior, beliefs and mental state."

Demanding data from witnesses and victims of crime "risks preventing citizens from reporting a crime," Ms Denham said.

Rapid searches

According to the Big Brother Watch team, the police practice requires access to the data devices of rape victims, is illegal and can have a negative impact on the progress of the case.  

The team's investigation showed that in some cases police investigations were abandoned when the alleged victims refused to hand over their mobile phone data.

Police in riot gear stormed a rally on Friday, removing hundreds of protesters by truck. attack. In the 14 rejected applications, the police stopped investigating the case.

"People who report sexual assault want to provide evidence, but they are usually told that they need to have their phone data fully extracted, give their social media accounts and often even more data," Big Brother said. Watch, adding that this is a very wrong one practice.


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