HomesecurityAustralia: Government and businesses are under massive cyber attack

Australia: Government and businesses are under massive cyber attack

Australia is facing a very long-range cyberattack by a foreign government, Prime Minister Scott Morrison has revealed.

Australia cyber attack

In an emergency press conference held this morning in Canberra, Mr. Morrison said the ongoing, "large-scale" hack executed by an "advanced hacker connected to a state".
"The target is Australian agencies in a wide range of areas, including government, industry, politics, education, health and other critical infrastructure," Mr Morrison told reporters.

"We know it's an advanced hacker associated with a state because of the scale and nature of the targeting and techniques that uses. Unfortunately, this is not the first time this has happened, but the frequency has increased recently. "

Mr Morrison said the Australian Cybersecurity Center was "actively cooperating with targeted organizations to ensure that it has the right defense mechanism to deal with the situation properly".  

Of course, the prime minister was asked which country he thinks is behind this whole cyber attack, saying that Australia "will not speak publicly about who is responsible because it will be huge." technological costs». "If we choose to do so, it will be within the framework of our national strategic interests," he continued.

"What I can confirm is that there is not a large number of government agencies that can participate in this type. activity and it's clear, based on the advice we've received, that this has been done by someone with great potential. "

Asked if China was behind the cyberattack, he said: "I can't say anything more than what I said." He goes on to say, "I present to you the facts that I know so far."

The incident coincides with a period of heightened tensions between Canberra and Beijing over the handling of its epidemic. COVID-19 from China.

Mr Morrison said the opposition had been notified last night, as had the ministers of state and government.

He also said the government was announcing the issue today "not to raise public concerns but to raise awareness". He said there had been no "large-scale personal data breaches" so far attacks.

Asked if the magnitude of the attack in Australia was "unprecedented", the prime minister said, "I don't know if I would use that word."

He reiterated that the attacks were not "new" but "the frequency has been rising for many months". "It didn't start now," he said.

The Minister of Defense Linda reynolds stated that “there is no doubt that malicious activity in cyberspace increases in frequency, scale and effects ".

"This activity is detrimental to Australia's national security and also to our financial interests," he said. "It's vital importance All Australian organizations should be aware of this threat and take action to protect their own networks. "

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