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Europe: 40% of employees lose their jobs due to automation

Europe: 40% of unemployed employees due to automation: Over 90 million employees throughout Europe, should develop important skills if they want to have a place in new business opportunities! In the next 10 years, About 40% of Europe's human resources will be at risk of losing their jobs due to the expansion of automation to 51 million jobs.

Europe work because of automation
Europe: 40% of employees lose their jobs due to automation

According to an analysis by the consulting company McKinsey, almost all of today's employees will face changes related to it technology.

Although the statistics seem to reinforce her fear occupation of jobs by robot, it is best not to jump to conclusions. The good news is that the research highlighted one increase in job opportunities, to the point where Europe can reach 6 million workers by 2030.

As they come to the surface new employment opportunities in technology, the company expects that the search for employees with the necessary skills to fill the positions that will be created, will be a challenge.

Especially big cities like Paris and London, where opportunities will condense, it will be difficult to find employees who can to meet the high demands that robots will create.

In essenceThe upgrade and the training of the workforce will rise to the top of the list of companies' liabilities.

During this time, with the pandemic of coronary heart disease, the need for automation in the workplace became more acute. The report shows that the professions that are most at risk are the ones that became more vulnerable because of it COVID-19.

H customer service and sales, food services and construction professions, are the three industries that are most likely to face problems and because of the virus crisis and because of the automation robots.

It is vital to make sure that employees belong to one of these categories, will develop skills that will be able to secure them a new job in the professional opportunities of the new reality.

«Today, our report shows that the changes that will take place in the professions of Europe will be mainly a transition from one reduced job to another, such as the job of a cashier in a store., "Emphasizes Susan Lund, one of the authors of the analysis.

Europe: 40% of employees without a job due to automation

Lund's view is that new Jobs will turn boring routine into an interesting daily routine with interpersonal interactions and resolution problems.

«What matters is that people who are employed in jobs that will collapse due to automated robots, to develop skills that are in demand in emerging professions. "

The question that remains now is that we will see these professional opportunities. Analysts predict that the sectorς health and the social professions will experience the greatest increase, followed by scientific and technical services such as education.

Lund's advice to a student would be, among other things, to follow their direction science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

«There are also some other basic skills that people possess well, much better than engineering, and which will be the source for the professions of the future. Specifically, the social and emotional skills, but also high mental level. This means increased ability to work well with others, to train, to teach, to manage, but also to solve problems and have critical thinking. "

Europe: 40% of employees lose their jobs due to automation
Europe: 40% of employees lose their jobs due to automation

The demand for social and emotional skills in the new professional opportunities that will come will be increased by one third compared to now. People will focus on positions that robots will not be able to cover, which requires interaction, attention, training, and the ability to manage others.

To survive in the new automation society, employees must have knowledge that they do not currently have. The meaning of "Lifelong learning»Will be further developed, as employees will constantly acquire new knowledge on their subject.

The robotics company "Universal Robots", Is already working on the development of"cobots»(Collaborative robots), for companies that will simplify the use of automation machines.

Lund is optimistic that Europe's human resources are well on their way to recovering the knowledge they need in the future.. Maybe automation, instead of leaving people without a job, makes it easier for them and offers them something more productive..

«Professional skills have evolved in recent years in many fields. With the advent of digital technology, this has accelerated. For example, most miners no longer need to dig, but control the machine that does the digging instead of them.. "


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