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Starlink: The beta test of the service in the hands of the public!

Η SpaceX seeks beta testers for its online service, Starlink.

Starlink: The beta test of the service in the hands of the public!

The company belongs to Its Managing Director Tesla, Elon Musk, was created in 2015, and launched its first satellite in 2018. Since then, SpaceX has launched a number of new satellites from "Kennedy Space Center"Of her NASA, based in Florida.

So far, there are 540 Starlink satellites in orbit, which will eventually be part of the formation that will send the Internet signal back to the planet.

Those who visit the website Starlink will see that invites the public to “receive news updates and services available to the user area»And enter his email and zip code.

When they complete the process, they will receive a message saying: "Starlink was designed to offer high speed broadband internet in areas where the connection is unreliable, expensive, or unavailable. The private beta test is expected to begin later this summer, followed by a public beta test, starting in higher latitudes.»

Those who agreed to participate will receive one user terminal, which looks like a flat antenna disk, and will indicate the best satellite signals. Elon Musk has described it as "UFO on a rod».

«If you declare your area's zip code, you will be notified via e-mail if the beta control becomes available for your locations. In the meantime, we will continue to share with you updates on the availability of other services and upcoming Starlink releases.. "

Member of its Board of Directors SpaceX, The Steve Juvertson, recently shared a picture of one on Twitter iPhone to locate 5 Starlink networks WiFi, describing it as "the simplest and most original experience you can imagine».

Each network is a different terminal, powered simultaneously with the others, to see which one will be connected first. According to Jurvetson, another 4 terminals are "in satellite startup and acquisition mode». However, did not want to share their photos or results of speed tests.

Starlink: The beta test of the service in the hands of the public!

The speeds provided by SpaceX reach that 1Gbps, with waiting time ranging between 25 and 35 milliseconds. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

Astronomers, of course, have claimed that the stars are Starlink could disrupt optical and radio telescopes or block visibility for Earth asteroids.   

Before the coverage begins to spread to Ecuador, satellites will serve areas "higher latitude»Such as Seattle and London.

Starlink is set to launch commercially in the United States and Canada later this year, and plans to expand to the rest of the world by 2021 are planned.


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