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Amazon is pushing for legislation on face recognition

Technological giants are reconsidering face recognition programs after years of warning that surveillance tools threaten human rights and promote racial prejudice. However, lawmakers and privacy advocates say the companies' actions are not enough to address concerns about face recognition programs.

Last week, the IBM He announced that he was leaving the face recognition market, while Microsoft said it would stop selling the service to the police until federal technology regulations are in place. THE Amazon set specific time frames for using the face recognition tool with the name Recognition: The company will wait a year before resuming the sale of surveillance tools to the police.

Amazon is pushing for legislation on face recognition

"We hope that this one-year hiatus will give Congress enough time to implement the rules and we are ready to help if they ask for it," Amazon said.

Monitoring technologies, such as face recognition, are being considered among the calls for reform of law enforcement and protests against police brutality caused by his death. George Floyd on May 25. Technology companies are responding by acknowledging ethical concerns, including racial prejudice, related to face recognition, but critics say companies are taking half-measures to address them.

Skeptics are also concerned that this sudden push for legislation by technology companies is a way to guide legislation that would benefit companies. Both Amazon and Microsoft have provided assistance in drafting possible face-to-face legislation.

Amazon is pushing for legislation on face recognition

In Washington state, a bill passed in April was written and funded by an employee. Microsoft, while the founder of Amazon Jeff Bezos He said his company was working on its own bill to submit it to members of Congress.

What will face recognition look like in 2021?

Lawmakers generally agree that one year is not enough time to pass effective legislation on a complex issue such as face recognition, but there is still the belief that something needs to be done.

The dynamics of approving face recognition regulations have never been stronger. So far, pressure to ban the technology has resulted in fragmentary proposals such as Justice in Policing Act, which would prohibit the use of technology in body cameras, but would not prohibit other uses.

Some lawmakers are considering enacting regulations that would extend the termination of these services, not only by Amazon, but also for the entire face recognition industry.

While this pause prevents services such as FBI and ICE using face recognition does not affect the hundreds of local police services that can use surveillance tools.

It may take some time for the face recognition laws to be approved

Creating laws to regulate technology can be a complicated process because of how fast the software progresses. Lawmakers do not want to pass legislation that will no longer apply as soon as technology changes.

Laws such as the law on the protection of children's privacy in Internet, which was passed in 1998, and the law on decency for communications, passed in 1996, still apply to technology to date, although there have been reactions from technology companies and presidential candidates about their information.

With face recognition, there is a lot to consider. Lawmakers have said they want to avoid generalizations that would prevent the use of face recognition for harmless purposes, such as unlocking a phone, for example.

In May 2019, San Francisco became the first city to ban face recognition for government use, but months later it had to reconsider its policy so that city workers could use the face ID of iPhone their.

Some members of Congress are concerned about what will happen when face recognition becomes more accurate.

If technology is perfected with the ability to recognize someone without mistakes, then it raises issues of secrecy and surveillance in public places. Protesters are already worried that their images will be used in the software to identify them, as police did in protests in Baltimore and Auckland.

Amazon has reported that the recognition tool was able to detect emotions such as fear and anger, despite the fact that emotion recognition has its own racial bias. A 2018 study found that emotion recognition algorithms incorrectly thought that blacks looked more angry than whites, even when smiling in photos.

Chances of a complete ban

Several defense groups have called for a complete ban on face recognition, but few lawmakers have called for the technology to be scrapped. They want to ensure that the laws that are passed do not hinder innovation.

Lawmakers see technology as being used for general purposes and to make people's lives easier, such as when boarding cruise ships or ordering food, and they don't want to hold back that technological progress.


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