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CEO of Netflix: Gift of 120 million to students of color!

Netflix CEO: Donate $ 120 million to color students: His Managing Director Netflix, Reed Hastings and his wife, Patty Quillin, offer $ 120 million for color training! The donation was announced on Wednesday and the money will be distributed to "United Negro College FundAnd more two historic color colleges, as a sign of support in the battle for it racial justice.

CEO of Netflix: Gift of 120 million to students of color!

The story of the couple in the offer in its field education it's big enough. Hastings has been involved in educational reform since the late 1990s, strengthening schools.charter», A movement that polarized the educational community. In 2016 it announced the creation of an Educational Foundation $100 million, in "Silicon Valley Community Foundation».

«We are in the most intense period, probably the most painful that we have ever gone through. But through this pain one can come out opportunity. Maybe this is the time to change thingsHastings said in an interview with Wednesday Craig Melvin of "MSNBC».

After the outbreak of public opinion about him unjust death of George Floyd, businesses and business executives throughout America, donate to Color Institutions and to those fighting to eradicate racial discrimination. That's how "giftOf Hastings, which he describes as "the greatest gift he has ever given».

Hastings and Quillin will donate $ 40 million at UNCF, and 80$ millions will be shared equally in "Spelman College" and "Morehouse College», Two ιcolor educational institutions in Atlanta. The purpose of this contribution is to strengthen scholarships for students of historical color colleges and universities, or else "HBCUs»(Historically Black Colleges and Universities).

Hastings also added: "We also wanted to play our part in this situation, and especially now, in 150 years support of color training by HBCU. "

CEO of Netflix: Gift of 120 million to students of color!
CEO of Netflix: Gift of 120 million to students of color!

Η Mary Schmidt Cambell, president of Spelman College, said the donation of Hastings and Quillin would help them schoolchildren who need it to evolve in the academic field.

"It simply came to our notice then faith they have in our students and our institutions. The amount they offer means that we will be able to give the opportunity to 20 students a year to go to college completely. It's free. "

The statement from Quillin and Hastings comes a day after its announcement website technology news "Recode", Which states that Hastings is building a pluxury complex of 2.100 acres, at the foot of "Rockies'Of Colorado, in order to support the training of American teachers.


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