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Here's how to turn your mobile into WebCam for your PC!

If you are one of those who use a computer without WebCam, we found the solution for you: easily turn your cell phone into one!

Here's how to turn your mobile into WebCam for your PC!

His pandemic COVID-19 has dramatically increased the use of WebCam, as most of us use computers as a medium communication. Either to chat with our loved ones with a video call, or to attend an online meeting, it is undoubtedly a must tool.

However, a lot Laptop Moderate performance, no built-in WebCam. So your options in this case are two: spend money to buy or turn your cell phone into one. If you have chosen the latter, you should definitely continue reading this article, where we will guide you step by step.


First, to be able to do anything, you have to smartphone and your computer to be connected to the same WiFi network or connect them with a cable USB.

  1. Download the app «Droidcam Wireless Webcam»On your mobile (requires Android 5.0 or newer version)
  2. Download and install it Droidcam client on your computer.
  3. Launch the client on the computer and you will see that it requires an IP device. Then, Droidcam opens on your mobile.
  4. You pass everything until page where the IP will appear of your device and then put it on the computer client. (To choose between front and rear camera go to application> click on icon with the three dots>Settings>Camera)
  5. Check its settings video and microphone. If the sound selection is not selected, then your microphone will not work.
  6. You are ready to use your mobile phone as a WebCam.

If you have chosen to connect a mobile phone and computer to a USB cable, select the USB connection, because the default setting is WiFi.

If everything works smoothly, open the video tutorial app and select Droidcam as your computer's camera.


The steps are similar to converting for WebCam to Windows, except that the application you use is "EpocCam», Which has a client for both Windows and macOS. It can also be used on mobile phones with iOS and Android software.

The best part is that with EpocCam you don't need to do all the extra details required by DroidCam. Just connect the devices to the same network, open the application and then the desktop client.

Here's how to turn your mobile into WebCam for your PC!

If you receive video streaming from the application to the desktop client, proceed with it choice of EpocCam as default camera in the teleconferencing application you use, and you will turn your mobile into WebCam.

However, EpocCam is not exactly free. There is a free version and a paid one. The first comes with many limitations such as video resolution does not exceed 640 × 480And you can't use his microphone iPhone. So those of you who want to use the free application make sure you have headphones with a good microphone.

The paid version costs $7.99 for iPhones and $5.49 for Android.

So you can easily use your mobile phone as WebCam, all you have to do is follow the steps above and you will be ready.


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