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The new email app Hey is fighting Apple for the app store instructions

On Monday, Basecamp launched an email app called Hey. The paid service tries to redefine the email by adding features that will make it easier to use. (In case you are wondering the cost of email is $ 99 per year.)

Hey Apple app store

According to a series of tweets published by him David Heinemeier Hansson, co-founder of Basecamp and CTO, Apple initially approved version 1.0 of Hey and published it in the app store. But then it was rejected because the email app Hey does not offer a purchase option within the app for users who want to subscribe to the $ 99 subscription service per year. The company appealed the decision, but failed to achieve its goal.

Here You will find the rejection letter received by Hey, stating the exact control instructions along with an explanation of what you need to do to get the application approved. If you do not comply with the instructions, Apple may remove the application.

Apple typically asks for a 15% to 30% commission, depending on the sales model and the length of time the app has been registered in the store. For subscriptions like this, Apple will get 30% off each subscription for the first year and then 15%.

Apple has not commented on the incident, but apparently its instructions to them developers and their publication applications their in the app store are strict.

For example, the App Store overview guide 3.1.1. This specific instruction stipulates that if an application offers one subscription service between platforms, it must offer the option of buying within it application for subscription.

Also as we informed you in a previous one article Our Apple is being monitored by the European Union due to complaints from its competitors that the supplies it receives are very high and that it uses methods. unfair competition in various rival companies.  


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