HomesecurityPremier League: Change password to avoid hackers

Premier League: Change password to avoid hackers

The National Cybersecurity Center of the United Kingdom (NCSC) warns that with the return of the Premier League, hackers will take action to take advantage of this event, carrying out cyber attacks and scams, mainly targeting fans who are excited about watching the games. for the first time in months. The first Premier League games start after lockdown caused by his pandemic COVID-19:. However, the matches will be held behind closed doors, so football fans will only be able to watch them via TV or the Internet. While some games will be available for free, many will only be available on streaming channels that require assistance. So the NCSC warns that hackers will look for unsafe credentials connection for their own benefit. This could be achieved if you set weak passwords to watch matches without paying, but hackers could also use hacked accounts for other malicious activities, such as unauthorized purchases or theft of personal information, to target victims. additional scams. The NCSC, therefore, urges football fans to insure their accounts with strong passwords, especially since their previous survey GCHQ revealed that passwords that simply include the name of a football team are among the most frequently violated.

Ciaran Martin, CEO of NCSC, said the return of the Premier League was a moment that football fans around the world were looking forward to enjoying in the safest possible way. He added that since there is no option to watch football matches in stores, it is fantastic that technology can fill this gap and allow thousands of fans to watch their team from their couch. NCSC is for users who are very likely to use it accounts for the first time in months, change their passwords, not only to make their accounts more secure, but also to immediately prevent anyone from using their accounts illegally, rather than continuing to use them, and so on. disconnect after passwords change.

Ο Password must be powerful and unique, while NCSC suggests that users put three random words that are not used to protect another account. It also suggests that users save the password to the browser, so they don't have to worry about whether they'll remember it. Finally, NCSC recommends that users download the latest ones updates security for applications streaming so that they are not vulnerable to any security issues.

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