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IOS 14 arrives: Learn about its new features

Η Apple is ready to unveil the new version of the long-awaited iOS 14. The tech giant is expected to host an online developer event in June, where it will highlight the features of iOS 14 that will be integrated into the upcoming iPhone 12 and iPhone 9 / iPhone SE2.

Meanwhile, there are several rumors about the new features of iOS 14. The first data show that this year's iOS update will bring some unprecedented features.

Following is a collection of news and possible scenarios for the features we will see in iOS 14.

Augmented reality (AR) function

A code leak recently revealed that Apple plans to bring a number of augmented reality features this year. An AR application called "Gobi" is in the company's plans and according to the code, will help users "get more information about the world around them".

There are rumors that Apple's AR app will be integrated into Apple Stores and Starbucks. The app will allow users to get more information about a product in an Apple Store by targeting it camera of phone.

In addition, Apple is expected to release the Apple AR Glasses sometime next year.

New application viewing screen

Another leak based on the leaked code shows that Apple plans to introduce a new screen where applications will appear alphabetically. IOS 14's new feature list-View will also allow users to sort apps with different options. For example, you can sort applications by frequency of use or applications for which you have unread notifications and more.

Apple will also integrate its suggestions Crab on this display screen to make it easier for users to access applications. For example, Siri may suggest opening the Starbucks app when you log in to the Starbucks Store or the app Music when you get to your gym.

iOS 14

Built-in call recording feature

A recent report said that iOS 14 may include a built-in call recording feature that already exists on many Android skins such as OxygenOS. However, it was later revealed that the ability to record calls is intended for internal error correction and may not be available to users.

Ability to use applications without downloading

An early release of iOS 14 revealed a feature called "Clips" that doesn't require you to download an app to use it. For example, you can watch one the UAF YouTube-channel videos without downloading the application with the "Clips" function.

Apple Pencil function

Apple is reportedly planning to introduce a new PencilKit that will allow users to fill in text fields using the Apple Pencil. Imagine writing a message using the Apple Pencil and sending it as a regular text message.

Ability to add third-party applications as default

IOS 14 states that there will be the possibility of adding third-party applications as default. With this feature, you can set it Google Chrome as your default browser and Gmail as your default email app on your iPhone.

This decision is most likely the result of complaints filed against the company for providing unfair advantage to its inherent applications.

Support for third party wallpapers

If you are a fan of custom wallpaper, this may be one of the best features of iOS 14 for you. Apple plans to allow third-party packages in the phone's settings.

New accessibility features

Apple may add new accessibility features, such as voice recognition for alarm, fire alarm and much more for users with hearing problems. In addition, Apple is expected to add a feature where the camera will be able to detect movements by making similar recommendations to people with vision problems.

New iMessage features

Apple plans to introduce a series of features in iMessage to make it more user-friendly. You can see the following new iOS 14 iMessage features:

Mention your contacts

IOS 14 will have a reference system similar to its own Slack to add labels to your contacts in messages. Using this feature you can send a message to a person in a group chat. Also, if someone tells you, you will receive a notification about the message even if you have silenced the conversation.

Label as an unread message

With iOS 14, you'll be able to highlight iMessage as unread, remember important messages, and highlight them. It will be similar to the features available in gmail and WhatsApp.

Delete iMessage

This is probably one of the most useful features of iOS 14 for iMessage. Apple will offer a feature to recall the sent iMessage. However, the fact that you have deleted a message will be visible to both the sender and the recipient of the conversation.

iOS 14

Improvements in native applications

As is the case every two years, Apple will bring many improvements to its native applications. Rumor has it that the company plans to upgrade to the Health app with a new sleep tracking feature that will be available on the next-generation Apple Watch.

Additionally, we could see some new features in Apple Maps, HomeKit and Find My apps.

Mouse cursor support throughout the system

Apple has introduced a redesigned system for using the mouse in iPad Pro recently released to bridge the gap between an iPad and a computer. Similarly, we could see iOS 14 provide system-wide support for the mouse cursor. In iOS 13, Apple added support for a runner, but it was hidden in the accessibility settings.

iPhone compatible with iOS 14

Last year, Apple surprised everyone by making iOS 13 compatible with devices as old as the iPhone SE, which was released in 2016. This year we expect Apple to make iOS 14 compatible with the following iPhone:

iPhone 7

7 iPhone Plus

iPhone 8

8 iPhone Plus

iPhone X

iPhone XR

iPhone XS

iPhone XS Max

iPhone 11

iPhone 11 Pro

iPhone 11 Pro Max

IOS 14 release date

Apple has already announced the date for the annual developer conference. WWDC 2020 will take place on June 22 and will be an online event this year due to Covid-19. We expect the company to release iOS 14 beta in the next few days after WWDC 2020.

It is possible that we will see iOS 14 public Beta released sometime in August. IOS 14 will be officially launched in the fall at Apple's standard event, where the iPhone 12-series is expected to be released.