HomesecurityUnited Kingdom: New ads online fraud alert system!

United Kingdom: New ads online fraud alert system!

A new ads online fraud detection, alert and removal system has been launched in the UK. As reported by ITV, the tool fraud report released in the UK and created by the Advertising Standards Authority (WING) and the Internet Advertising Office (IAB), with support from platforms Digital advertising and technology giants will allow users to report ads online scams. ASA will then release details on these advertisements, will remove them and remove it account of the advertiser, where possible. The ASA said that the initiative for this system arose due to the growing number of cases of online fraud on a daily basis worldwide, but also due to the financial damage that this malicious person can cause. activity.

ASA CEO Guy Parker said the vast majority of ads are aimed at informing or entertaining the public, but a small portion of them have criminal intentions. He added that the fraud alert system will play an important role in detecting and stopping this type of fraud. Parker stressed that ASA, along with its partners, such as Google and the Facebook, can act quickly to remove problematic ads as part of its ongoing effort to achieve the best protection of consumers during their visit to Internet.

However, Jake Moore, an expert in its field cyber security At ESET, he noted that while such alert systems can help combat cybercrime, user awareness also plays an important role in detecting and preventing a fraud from succeeding. In particular, Moore pointed out that users need all the help they can get in a place where fraudulent advertising is intense. However, a notification system for such scams only works when people correctly identify a misleading ad, which can then be removed very quickly before other users click on it. Similar to the abuse report in SOCIAL MEDIA, the effectiveness of such systems depends on the speed with which they can bring results. Finally, Moore noted that this initiative is a step in the right direction, but the best approach is to provide users with the necessary information, in order to raise their awareness and vigilance, but also to advise them on how to identify a "Fraudulent" advertising. Indicatively, he mentioned that some of the characteristics of such ads are the "bad style", the bad grammar and links that look strange.

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