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Amazon's new device against COVID-19

Amazon is testing a new portable device that will notifies its employees when they break the rules social distancing.

Amazon's new device against COVID-19

According to an excerpt CNBC, This is a transparent plastic cover with clips, built-in LED light and sound system. When employees are very close to each other, the device starts making a loud noise and the LED flashes.

So far, Amazon is testing the device with the warehouse's morning workers, and if someone doesn't want to use it, they don't have to. Anyone can use one, at stations located in specific locations inside the warehouses and will also receive instructions use. At the end of their shift return the device and impressions and comments can be shared by scanning one code QR available on brochures at Amazon.

The company hopes that this technology will help employees and teams to "work more safely", Which is necessary at this time with his pandemic COVID-19.

An Amazon spokesman confirmed that the company recently launched a small-scale test in one of its warehouses. He even added that they will use the employees' comments about it device to develop and improve it.

«We are excited to try this one technology with you and through your feedback we will be able to understand if it is an effective tool to protect you. In addition, if a confirmed case with COVID-19 occurs, we can control them data of the devices of the employees with whom the patient had close contact, for the detection of contacts.»

Along with testing the device to maintain social distance, Amazon is experimenting with other protection measures to strengthen the rules in its warehouses. On Tuesday, the company announced that it will release "Distance Assistance»In some of its facilities in America.

It will be on the device embedded and a camera on a monitor, and a local computing tool that will alert employees if they don't keep the required distance when they cross warehouse space.

Amazon has also added floor markers, which will help employees keep their distance and not neglect it. It has also installed stations inside the warehouses where they exist responsible for checking whether employees follow safety instructions. According to the information, the company is based on "top machine learning technicians»To identify areas that favor social distancing by examining camera footage.

Amazon's new device against COVID-19

Amazon's response to the pandemic has been criticized by warehouse officials, politicians and prosecutors. Cause is the company's delay and delayed efforts to provide personal protective equipment, temperature control, and other tools to keep its employees safe.

Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos, denied the allegations and claimed that they had made every effort to protect their staff.

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