HomesecurityVLC Media Player 3.0.11: Fixes serious remote code execution error

VLC Media Player 3.0.11: Fixes serious remote code execution error

Η VideoLan VLC Media Player 3.0.11 has been released and is now available for Windows, Mac and Linux. In addition to error corrections and improvements, this version also fixes a security bug that could allow hackers to perform remote commands or crash VLC on a vulnerable computer. This error is detected as CVE-2020-13428 and is cache overflow in VLC's H26X packetizer, so it could allow hackers execute commands below the same level of security with the user, if used properly.


According to the VideoLan security newsletter, this error can be used to create a specially constructed file and deceive a user to open it with VLC. While VideoLan states that this error will most likely crash device playback, warns that it could be used by hackers to execute commands below the user's security level, remotely. if she exploitation of the error is successful, a malicious third party could cause VLC to shut down or arbitrarily run code with privileges of the target user.

Although these issues alone are likely to ruin the playback program, the possibility of combining them cannot be ruled out. leakage user information or for remote execution code. ASLR and DEP help reduce the likelihood of code execution, but may be bypassed. No exploits have been observed that execute code through these vulnerabilities. Due to the seriousness of this error and the public disclosure of the problem code, it is recommended that all users download and install VLC Media Player 3.0.11.

Η version 3.0.11 does the following:

  • Corrects regressions in HLS.
  • Corrects a possible error when starting in MacOS.
  • Fixes inaccurate search in m4a files.
  • Corrects an error when entering bluray support points in macOS.
  • Avoid unnecessary permissions on macOS.
  • Fixes permanent "silence" on macOS after playback stops.
  • Corrects AAC playback regression.
  • Fixes a security issue.

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