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YouTube replaces Facebook as a source of news in the United States

According to a new one research, YouTube becomes America's most popular news platform, gradually replacing Facebook.


The number of Americans using Facebook as a source of news has dropped by 4 percent since last year, while YouTube has risen by 4 percent.

In total, 35 percent of Americans use Facebook for news, while 24 percent use YouTube.

The report came amid ongoing discussions about how to platforms social media should handle misinformation in the light of the coronation pandemic, the upcoming presidential election and the mass social unrest surrounding the systematic racism and police killings.

And while Facebook has been repeatedly accused of stepping into misinformation and conspiracy theories, YouTube has made significant progress in reducing misinformation and conspiracy theories, modifying them. algorithms his proposals, excluding misleading content and controlling the facts.

However, this shift to YouTube has not only been observed in USA. Another 12 countries, including the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Japan and Brazil, have seen a steady decline in Facebook and a simultaneous increase in YouTube since 2016 in terms of news.

At the same time, Facebook has become the most trusted platform in 40 countries, with 29 percent of respondents expressing concern about false or misleading information. In the US, that number reaches 35%. By comparison, only 5% of Americans have expressed similar concerns about YouTube.

Although video streaming platforms are increasingly gaining traction as news sources, Facebook remains dominant in the news field in social media.

"It simply came to our notice then Instagram and WhatsApp to be developed separately, Facebook as a company has been able to cover many different demographics and try new forms, without losing its main followers ", the report states.

The influence of Instagram as a source of news "increases significantly". YouTube may be ahead of Instagram for now, but its Facebook affiliate seems to be close enough.


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