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Acquisition of the 24-hour CSF of PSS, former "KATRANTZOS Security"

Its founder, owner and chairman Spartan Security κύριος Babis Karabatsos, completed and officially announces the acquisition of the 24-hour Signal Reception Center of the PSS security systems company.

PSS Security is the continuation of the German Power Security, where "Katrantzos Security" was sold, founded by Vlasis Katrantzos, a descendant of the well-known business family that flourished in the 60's and 70's in the field of trade and construction of sports equipment and more. . Vlasis, evaluating the conditions of the time, after the much-praised arson of the family's department store in the center of Athens, will turn to security by founding "Katrantzos Security" which took care of the elite houses of the Athenian society. but also legendary professional spaces of the time, who trusted his new business endeavor. A few years ago the company was sold to the German Power Security and Vlasis Katrantzos left security area.

Acquisition of the 24-hour CSF of PSS, former "KATRANTZOS Security"

Today, PSS Security is based in Kryoneri, Attica, in fully renovated areas, and has been active since 1972 in a wide range of services related to home and business. security systems, fire detection and fire extinguishing systems, while still maintaining a prominent position in natural manned security services, distinguished for their prestige and professionalism.

This acquisition is part of a broader strategic plan, which aims to strengthen the presence of Spartan Security with new investments in projects of prestige and high demands.

Aopen event of investment interest

Following its investment plan, Spartan Security informs the industry, but also the general investment public, that you are interested in acquisitions / mergers, -completely or partially- of Greek companies operating in electronic security, regardless of location. Based on the her know-how, intends to conduct, on behalf of the interested parties, comprehensive studies / proposals for the acquisition of 24-hour Alarm Signal Reception Centers, with strong commitments:

  • staff absorption capability
  • acquisition of technological equipment
  • maintaining monitoring contracts
  • technical maintenance of the subscription base through a wide network of partners management and monitoring the collection of balances
  • full guarantee of uninterrupted business continuity of security services,

without any delay and with full transparency.

Message from the President

Along with the official announcement of the acquisition and his public interest in new investments in electronic security, Babis Karabatsos sends the following message to e-security subscribers and especially to professionals. security system installers in his industry:

Dear subscribers and friends colleagues,

with its inclusion PSS Security in the potential of K.L.S. of, the Spartan Security significantly expands the range of its subscription base that has made it stand out leader in the online security market, with more than 45.000 active subscribers today.

Our goals are:

  • the further development of its 24-hour Signal and Image Reception Center Spartan Security through targeted investment moves,
  • the most efficient and perfect management of the smallest Signal Reception Centers,
  • maximizing the performance of its advanced state-of-the-art technology facilities and
  • the optimal utilization of its experienced and trained staff, for the promotion of the services / products of Panhellenic.

I want to state in every way and in all directions how, while her team Spartan Security It is expanding dramatically and innovating new innovative ways to empower and develop all its partners, I personally undertake the task of designing and implementing every feasible strategy, so that the significant strengthening of Spartan Security entails the progress of every hard-working member of our select and strictly selected network.

I am very proud to have borne the cost of strict selection for honest high quality security services and of course I succeeded! Finally, today I am able to ensure the highest level and the most modern professionalism of the Greek market in all my collaborations. I think this is the real difference that makes us stand out and gives us the strength to keep going.

Personally, I guarantee the maintenance of the good image and reputation of Spartan Security and I promise to contribute to the consolidation of our strong position in the market, strengthening daily relationships of trust and transparency with our customers, partners, employees and executives.

I am now absolutely convinced that for those who invest in technology, they dare to innovate and at the same time keep the moral values ​​intact in their collaborations, the best is yet to come! The next day of industry growth is near and the prospects are huge.



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