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The US will work with Huawei to develop 5G technology!

The United States has said it has revoked a ban on US companies from cooperating with Huawei. Therefore, US companies will now be able to work with the Chinese tech giant to set the criteria for technologies new generation. However, US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said the policy change did not mitigate the government's stance on Huawei, which is still on the US blacklist called Entity List. Instead, the amendment was made to ensure that US companies would be able to contribute significantly. activities model development, in which Huawei has a strong involvement, such as 5G technology, h Artificial Intelligence AI and other technologies.

Ross said the United States would not lose its leading role in global innovation. This action recognizes the importance of exploiting American ingenuity for promotion and protection the country's economic and national security. He added that the Ministry of Commerce has pledged to defend the national safety US and foreign policy interests, encouraging the US industry to fully participate and support US technologies to become international standards. The announcement follows Washington's decision last month to limit special offer Huawei's semiconductors, so companies needed a license to sell products to the Chinese tech giant.

Canadian telecommunications companies have also ruled out Huawei from its construction network 5G, signing agreements with opponents of the Chinese giant. The Chinese network equipment provider has also been shut down in Australia and New Zealand since GCSB prevented Spark from using Huawei's kit in November 2018. Meanwhile, Huawei's competitor, Nokia, has been selected by China Unicom to help create a 5G standalone network in China. Nokia has announced that it has been awarded about 10% of the core of China Unicom's 5G network. The Finnish network equipment provider will help set up connections, provide bandwidth, scale and secure network management, and open the 5G network to support new uses, such as network segmentation. The two companies had previously signed an agreement with Nokia to provide a cloud-based VIMS platform for China's UnLom VoLTE network. Nokia currently has a 17% stake in China's UnLom VoLTE network. THE Nokia also announced that it has partnered with Broadcom to develop a chip for 5G equipment. This is Nokia's third such agreement, following them Intel and Marvell. The two companies will develop new custom system-on-chip processors that will be integrated into Nokia's "5G Powered by ReefShark" portfolio and will be deployed in several of Nokia's network solutions. Like Nokia, Ericsson announced that it has signed agreements with all three major telecommunications companies in the country: China Unicom, China Telecom and China Mobile. Ericsson, however, did not provide details about the offers. Announcing its 5G contracts, the Ericsson He added that he would experience a "shock" of about 1 billion kronor in the second quarter of the deletion of assets in the pre-trade inventory for the Chinese market. Ericsson said results for the second quarter of 2020 are expected to be negative due to high initial costs for new products.


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