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COVID-19 new research: The risk increases for those who do not wear a mask!

COVID-19_ Increases the risk for those who do not wear a mask: New research A&M University of Texas, revealed that ο danger COVID-19 infection increases dramatically for non-wearing individuals mask. It is equally important that it enhances the chances of transmission to others.

COVID-19: Increases the risk for those who do not wear a mask!

In some countries, including America, wearing a mask when you are in public spaces is controversial. A combination of misinformation and a general headache, led to the questioning of the recommendations for the mask as protection by COVID-19.

According to the study conducted by "Α & Μ», The use of a face mask in New York, the Italy and China, prevented thousands of COVID-19 cases within a few weeks. The particles of the respiratory tract are the "sovereign»Way of transmitting the virus, that's why the masks seemed effective for face to face communications.

Of course, the rest of the protection measures set by the governments for COVID-19, we should never overlook them. The use of a mask, social distancing, frequent hand disinfection, avoiding touching the face, and in general the further attention when we are in public places, should become our daily routine for as long as we are in this state. Finally, we see that the use of a mask is described as "cheap and efficient way»For protection against COVID-19, in individual level.

COVID-19 mask!
COVID-19: Increases the risk for those who do not wear a mask!

«Η research It clearly shows us that the use of a face mask by infected people prevents cough droplets or particles that spread during speech from reaching healthy people. On the other hand, the use of a mask by healthy people will prevent the inhalation of particles carrying COVID-19, which remain in the atmosphere for 10 minutes and can travel dozens of feet.Said one of the study's authors, Professor Mario Molina of the University of California.

If you are one of those who have avoided it so far, it's time to start wearing. The face mask alone may not be the most appropriate preventative measure for COVID-19, but it certainly plays a very important role.


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