HomesecurityTroyStealer: The new info stealer that targets Portuguese users

TroyStealer: The new info stealer that targets Portuguese users


Recently, a new threat has been discovered, the TroyStealer info stealer, first announced by and aims Portuguese users.

Every day, new ones appear malware, that's why everyone users they must be vigilant and maintain them systems their safe.

TroyStealer info stealer is one Trojan designed for theft information from a system. Malware collects information, such as user names and passwords stored on web browsers. Subsequently, sends them to another system via email. It also works like keylogger, which means it monitors the victim's keystrokes. These keywords can reveal other sensitive information.

The emails received by the victims report problems with their bank account.

In detail, malware checks if it is running within VM and stops execution. If not, TroyStealer continues to run and a new process is created with use injection technique. After that, the collection process data.

During its execution TroyStealer, the following steps are running

  • Collection of victim data (browser credentials and email)
  • HKEY_CURRENT_USER Collection \ Software \ Paltalk passwords
  • Delete specific browser files
  • Download security products, which are installed on the device
  • Download the operating system version
  • Keylogging
  • Sending stolen information to the attacker via email

Malicious software confirms that there is a valid connection to Internet, through a speed test site. If it exists, it creates SMTP communication with the validated email server and sends the victim's details via email.

info stealer

Malware can cause a lot of damage to one business or even infect a large number of users. What can we do to protect ourselves to some degree from malware?

  • Tactic information of systems
  • Good email control we receive
  • Beware of emails related to banking transactions, invoices, COVID-19, anything that seems strange
  • Log Out from accounts and in general from the Internet, at the end of the day
  • Only access to safe and reliable sites
  • Use virus protection program
  • Creation copies security

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