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Face ID and Touch ID soon in Messenger for iOS

A new feature that will add an extra level of security to devices iOS, will be released soon by Facebook. The popular social networking site intends to soon add Face ID and Touch ID lock to Messenger for iOS. The new locking function will be available in future updates.

Face ID

The other social networking platform that belongs to Facebook, the WhatsApp, already supports Face ID and Touch ID lock and soon, the feature will be available on Facebook Messenger.

Face ID, Touch ID lock function in Messenger

One of the best features of the new feature is that users will be able to select the time period of the lock. For example, users can decide if they want the authentication feature to be valid each time they open the app, or they can set a time limit of 1 minute to an hour.

The Facebook Messenger lock feature increases security and no one will be able to see a user's message, even if their phone is unlocked.

At present the new locking function is being tested. According to rumors, Face ID and Touch ID verification for Messenger will be ready for release in the coming months.

Other features released recently

Facebook continues to experiment and release new features. Recently, Messenger Rooms was released, a new feature that competes with the famous teleconferencing app. Zoom. Messenger Rooms allows up to 50 participants in a teleconference for an unlimited amount of time.


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