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How to block YouTube ads in a simple way!

That's it Reddit discover an easy trick to block YouTube ads that pop up every now and then while you see someone video. The best part about this trick is that you can remove ads from YouTube you do not need to install others applications or extensions.

Here's how to easily block YouTube ads!

All you need to do is add an extra dot (.) after the ".com" point you will find in the URL of the YouTube page you want. This means that instead of visiting it σελίδα «yοutube.com / xxx», You will edit it URL at the top of the page and you will enter the full stop by writing: “yοutube.com./xxxx».

This way, emerging ads will not bother you too easily when watching a video, which is now appearing at smaller and smaller intervals.

From technique side, this may be due to YouTube negligence to normalize the "hostname». The extra dot in the URL does not result in a hostname match.

So when we put a full stop at that URL, it's like "breaks»In a way the page that displays the main content while removing others functions YouTube such as ads and "cookies». On some new websites, this method can also be used to violate a "Paywall».

Here's how to easily block YouTube ads!

Currently this trick works for YouTube in computer. You can also use it on mobile phones, but you will need to log in from it browser and select the function for a computer website.

An important warning. Before you start watching only videos without ads, keep in mind that the ads are built-in to enhance your favorite content creators. This means that when you are not watching videos, the creator is not paid.

So think before you use "window»To enjoy a YouTube without ads, and make sure you continue to support them too YouTubers.

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