HomesecurityKnoxville: The city's IT network is out of order due to ransomware

Knoxville: The city's IT network is out of order due to ransomware

Knoxville IT network

The city Knoxville, in the US state of Tennessee, was forced to close IT network after a ransomware attack.

The ransomware attack took place on the night between 10 and 11 June. The IT department of the city did not locate the invasion in time and thus the ransomware managed to encrypt a lot systems.

As soon as the attack was noticed, the IT staff closed them servers and the affected workstations, and shut down the city's network. This resulted in shutdown of the city's internal IT network, the public website her and the court network.

Knoxville's emergency services, such as police, fire department service and the open lines were not affected, as they operated separately systems. Also, his network was not affected Knox County, although it shares some IT systems with the city of Knoxville.

Knoxville employees, who arrived at work yesterday morning, saw an email informing them of the attack. The email reported a ransomware attack and asked employees not to connect to their computers.


City officials said they were examining an email opened by an employee. They believe this was the starting point for ransomware. However, this is a simple theory. It has already started thorough research, while city officials are also receiving help from his local office FBI.

The name or type of ransomware that "hit" the city is not yet known. Lately, a lot of ransomware is being stolen data from infected networks, before they encrypt them, and then publish them or sell them on the internet.

Knoxville is added to the long list of American cities that have been attacked by ransomware. Most ransomware attacks target smaller cities. Sometimes, however, they infect the network of a larger city, such as Atlanta, Baltimore, Denver, New Orleans, and now Knoxville.

In July 2019, the Conference of Mayors USA unanimously agreed to stop paying ransom ransomware (something that doesn't always happen).

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