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Tamagotchi returns in July: A tear rolled for the 90's kids

The virtual pet Tamagotchi returns from the 90's, upgraded, with many new features and a new name:Tamagotchi On Wonder Garden». The game that became famous in the 90's, will be released in the North America again in July.

Tamagotchi returns in July: A tear rolled down her cheeks for the 90's kids
Tamagotchi returns in July: A tear rolled for the 90's kids

From Thursday its online pre-order is available at Target, Amazon, Walmart and Gamestop, while its official release will take place on July 26. The starting price of the new Tamagotchi game will be $ 59.99.

The new Tamagotchi will have the pets of the past combined with today's advanced technology, and more color. Their graphics will be much better and its console play will be able to connect to it application Tamagotchi mobile.

Unlike the original toy, your pet will now be able to to go out of his house, to celebrate his birthday with colorful balloons and a festive environment, and even to travel to different places. In addition, he will be able to marry and raise children, who will later grow up, become adults and thus continue his family tree.

The company has also provided for the care of your Tamagotchi, adding one hotel where you can leave it and be taken care of for you. Thus, the level of difficulty of the game falls.

90's kids
Tamagotchi returns in July: A tear rolled for the 90's kids

To satisfy and grow your virtual pet until adulthood, you need to feed it, entertain it and keep it happy. When the flat these three situations are in "dangerous»Limit, you will see the corresponding indication. In case your Tamagotchi needs something right away, it starts ringing, even when the screen it is closed.

The new device will work without using WiFi, and h connection with mobile application will be optional. The classic three buttons below the screen will still be configured, as they will also be needed to move tovillage»Of.

The "Bandai America»Revealed for the first time the new Tamagotchi On last year, in North America. He even stated that he sold it that year over 82 million products.

To this day, Tamagotchi remains one of the 90's memories that bring us nostalgia and for sure. many will be moved to have the opportunity to hold it in their hands again.


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