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Amazon: Finally the surveillance tools for the police!

Amazon has decided to stop police access to facial recognition its technology for a year! During this time he will wait for him federal regulation about the tools monitoring, according to recent company statements.

Amazon: Finally the surveillance tools for the police!

The announcement follows years of pressure from supporters of police reform and secrecy activists, including the "American Union for Political Freedom». Their actions are aimed at stopping the use of tools face recognition from police, due to concerns about racial prejudice and the possible creation of an oppressive automation system that identification and the localization any citizen will be very easy.

«Face recognition technology gives governments unprecedented power to spy on us wherever we go. He blames the abuse of power by the police. The uncontrollable monitoring must stopSaid Nicole Ozer, Director of Technology and Political FreedomACLU»Of Northern California.

In addition, Amazon said has encouraged them governments to establish "more powerful regulations governing the ethical use of face recognition technology». He even stressed that Congress "seems to be ready to face this challenge».

«We need to make sure that this suspension of action is permanent ban, "Said Liz O'Sullivan, a private privacy activist and founder of Artur AI. O'Sullivan described Amazon's announcement as "victory for activists and academics»Who have been pushing for years for stricter reforms on the use of face recognition technology. However, he noted thatadmission that the whole system monitoring is defective, discriminatory and has racial implications,"Calling on activists and other citizens to put pressure on local lawmakers to ensure any regulation"supports people against the interests of companies. "

The one-year suspension of the use of Amazon's Rekognition service by the police does not include organizations working very closely with the police to identify victims of child sexual abuse and trafficking, such as NGO "Thorn", the "National Center for Missing and Abused Children" and "Marinus Analytics».

Amazon: Finally the surveillance tools for the police!
Amazon: Finally the surveillance tools for the police!

In July 2018, the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) conducted an audit of Rekognition and found that it had mistakenly matched 28 members of Congress, identifying them as people arrested for crimes.

Amazon then said that the ACLU had set the "reliability rate'Of systemic, at a lower level than recommended, and consequently led to a greater number of false positive results.

«Machine learning is a valuable tool that helps law enforcement services. Despite many concerns about whether it is being implemented properly, it does not mean that we should leave such an important technological discovery untapped., "The company said in a July 2018 statement.

Similar IBM commitments followed Amazon's announcement when the CEO, Arvind krishna, wrote a letter to Congress stating that will stop doing investigations and develop face tracking and recognition technology.

«We believe that now is the time to start a national dialogue on whether and how face recognition technology should evolve from domestic enforcement. law.»

Krishna also said that the company "disagrees vertically»Using face recognition for«mass surveillance, racial categorization and violation of basic human rights and freedoms.»

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