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Advantages and disadvantages of cloud data storage

All the data seems to be moving in the cloud these days, so what about the natural storage space? Is it time to disconnect the storage devices and transfer all your data to the cloud?

The answer is more complicated than you think.

While cloud storage offers many advantages over data storage in an installation, there are some potential disadvantages.

Topics security and confidentiality come to the fore when companies consider assigning cloud services to a service provider that could harm the company in the event of a breach. Performance is another issue, especially when it comes to applications that require low latency. Your data management is by definition easier when it is limited to the data center, than the data management that is scattered in many geographical areas of availability of a single cloud storage provider or even in multiple providers.

cloudInfluence and disadvantages of cloud data storage
Advantages and disadvantages of cloud data storage

Cloud storage advantages

Cost reduction: Gaining storage in the cloud in a "pay-only-for-what-you-use" model is cheaper than setting up an ideal storage facility. data you.

Expandability: Access to more data storage capacity during periods of unexpected or unplanned business needs may be necessary for a company. The almost unlimited storage capacity of the cloud comes into play when companies start thinking about creating data sections so that they can apply the power of artificial intelligence to data. and production or other large data sets.

Accessibility: Cloud storage allows end users to access and share data on any device, wherever they work. This type of connectivity can enhance business collaboration, productivity and flexibility.

Management / maintenance: No matter how well you maintain your natural storage media, disks and components are corrupted, resulting in damage to natural facilities and data loss. In such a natural scenario, this is an urgent need for your IT department. In the case of the cloud, however, it is a problem Amazon.

Continuous updates: Organizations with storage equipment should monitor the proper operation of their devices and update them as they complete a period of life. Cloud storage companies are constantly providing updates as part of the normal storage process.

Benefits of backing up: Creating backups of data has always been important for the proper functioning of the business, while the need for backups has increased in times of attack. ransomware encrypting data and demanding money to unlock it. Most large businesses create backups of their data in a secondary data center, but cloud storage provides a low-cost alternative that eliminates this need and allows them to restore their data without paying a ransom.

Data recovery in case of disasters: The so-called DR (Disaster Recovery) includes maintaining a mirror image (clone) of the production environment in a different location so that it can be activated in case of disaster.

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Disadvantages of cloud storage

Complicated pricing: Yes, cloud storage is cheap, but the exact cost is not that easy to find. The storage space falls into three broad categories: active data, which is the most frequently accessed, data that is rarely accessed, and "cold" storage, which is inactive archived data that is retained for compliance or corporate policies.

Complexity comes when organizations have to decide between Amazon's six levels of storage (Standard, Intelligent, Standard Infrequent Access, One-Zone Infrequent Access, Glacier and Glacier Deep Archive.) Similarly, Microsoft Azure has four levels and Google has five, with reduced prices as your data moves to the most inactive storage formats.

Then there are additional costs that organizations may not have anticipated. For example, cloud vendors charge for access to data (request receipt) and data transfer (output charges). Business requirements are constantly changing, so companies may need access to data that they once thought was inactive.

There are also experts who help companies sort their data, make sure they choose the right storage level, and even "prune" data over time in a cost-effective effort.

Security and privacy issues: Cloud service providers have made a decisive effort to mitigate these concerns, but security is still the number one concern among corporate customers. Service providers now offer a wide range of security-related functions, such as: encryption data, SLA, ability to monitor sensitive data, etc. However, auditors and compliance officials remain cautious, especially in areas subject to GDPR or similar regulations.

Advantages and disadvantages of cloud data storage

Management complexity: As companies begin to transfer data to the cloud, they face the need to manage a hybrid cloud environment, which can be a challenge. First of all, the employees IT they may not have the appropriate skills to do things like checking to see if SLAs are being met or to monitor the reasons for the increase in usage costs.

The good news is that existing hardware suppliers (NetApp, Dell / EMC, IBM, HPE, etc.) provide software that integrates a cloud's business storage space to create a unified management platform.

Stiff agreements with providers: In practice, it could literally take months for a business to transfer large volumes of data to the cloud via a standard Internet connection. So imagine this process the other way around, that is, if an organization wanted to remove its data from a cloud storage provider. In many cases, companies are required to commit to maintaining their data for three years. There are even fines for "premature deletion" of storage data.

Odds: Accessing data in a physical data storage center will always be faster than accessing cloud data. So the question is which ones applications they require absolutely low latency and which can "survive" with a little delay.

Final assessment

Storage requirements continue to rise and most companies want to get away from this costly cycle of material renewal. At the same time, it is important to be aware of the complexities of cloud storage.


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