HomesecurityTikTok: Control by EU authorities on data protection!

TikTok: Control by EU authorities on data protection!

TikTok, the popular application of ByteDance, will be subject to wider scrutiny privacy policies following a decision by EU regulators to conduct and coordinate research on data protection. The announcement, released by EU regulators on Wednesday, follows a decision by the Data Protection Commission in the Netherlands last month to launch research on the company's data protection policies for children, saying that the application is "clearly loved" by children in the Netherlands. Beijing-based ByteDance is facing a number of questions from policy makers. USA, on whether the national is at risk safety.

The EU has some of the strictest data protection laws in the world. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), provides EU authorities with the power to impose fines on companies of up to 4% of global annual sales, in the event that they prove to be committing the most serious violations. EU regulators have expressed concern about some of the developments that have taken place in terms of face recognition technologies, answering questions about the use of such Clearview AI technologies by police forces. Clearview AI is a startup that has generated billions of photos from accounts SOCIAL MEDIA, in order to provide assistance in enforcing the law to find suspects who do not have a criminal record.

TikTok said the company's priority was to protect its users' privacy and security, and that it would be happy to work with EU regulators.

Clearview AI says image search technology is not currently available in the EU, but the company is working on requests The company also searches the Internet as well as any other search engine, according to its CEO, Hoan Ton-That, in a statement.

EU regulators say they have doubts about whether there is a legal basis for using service As the Clearview ai, adding that the legality of its use by EU law enforcement authorities cannot be verified. The use of a service such as Clearview AI by EU law enforcement authorities is likely to be out of line with the EU's data protection system.

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