HomesecurityDistribute Trickbot through a phishing campaign for Black Lives Matter

Distribute Trickbot through a phishing campaign for Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matte

These days it takes place one by one Phishing campaign who sends emails to victims and asks to vote anonymously for "Black Lives Matter". The purpose of phishing emails is to distribute them TrickBot malware.

TrickBot started out as a bank Trojan, but has now evolved a lot and is used in various ways businesses For the purpose of information theft.

Malware can spread on the network of the victim and steal stored credentials, Active Directory databases, cookies, keys OpenSSH, RDP, VNC, PuTTY credentials and more.

TrickBot is used frequently in combination with other malware and especially with ransomware. It is used in the first phase, to give access in a breached network for the development of ransomware.

Exploitation of the "Black Lives Matter" movement for phishing and distribution of TrickBot

A common tactic of hackers is use of current events as bait to deceive people and make them open phishing emails.

This tactic is followed by this phishing campaign, which was discovered by the security company The phishing emails say that they come from the "Administration of the country" and ask the recipients to "Vote anonymously for the Black Lives Matter".

The following email says: "Leave a review, confidentially, for Black Lives Matter", and then ask recipients to fill out an attachment with the name “E-vote_form_3438.doc” and send it back.


When the victims open the Word document, they will see a message that says they should click on “Activate editing" and "Content activation", To see the contents correctly.


If they click on the above, the Word document will run macros, which will download one malicious DLL at computer.

This DLL is the TrickBot trojan which, when executed, will begin to steal archives, passwords, keys security etc. It will also spread throughout network and may allow other criminals to install ransomware.

TrickBot is very dangerous. Therefore, we must all be extremely careful with the emails we receive, especially the ones we have political or social motives, as it may be malware.

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