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Facebook: Businesses now respond to customers via Messenger!

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The Facebook inaugurates a new inbox in Messenger to makes it easy for business owners to respond to their customers' messages easily and quickly, by itself application they use to send messages to their friends and family. Essentially, this update will allow businesses to manage all their communications (personal and professional) from a single application. You will not need to go to other applications to respond to them customers.

According to a survey conducted by Facebook, more than 90% of business managers often use Messenger to chat with friends and family. Thus, the company he thought it would be good to add the ability to communicate with customers as well.

Facebook had announced its plan to release a specialist inbox in Messenger, from May.

This new feature comes at a time when electronics Communication between businesses and customers is increased due COVID-19:. Due to the situation, customers may have many questions about their businesses and services. And these questions need to be answered immediately.


For small businesses, the ability to quickly respond to customer messages is essential so that they do not lose sales.

Facebook notes that Messenger's new inbox for businesses will not replace Facebook's Page Manager app. Entrepreneurs users they can even use the app to manage their Facebook posts, create ads, view their page information, and reply to messages if they wish. They will just be able to use it now Messenger business inbox to respond directly to customers, since most employees already have Messenger on their mobile.

Businesses don't have to do anything to be able to use the new feature. It will be released automatically, as long as the personal Facebook account is linked to the Facebook page of their business. When business owners go to reply to a message, they can choose whether to reply as user or as a business.

Messenger business inbox is already available at iOS and will reach and Android within the next few weeks.

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