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South Korea: QR Code in areas with a higher probability of COVID-19

In South Korea the government will require QR code readers to be installed in areas where COVID-19 is more likely to spread. In other words, indoor areas where a large number of people gather, such as gyms and restaurants, should implement this measure proposed by the country's government, according to the Korean Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (KCDC). ). Individuals wishing to enter such premises must scan the QR code from the application smartphone of Naver. In addition, the personal data collected by them codes QR, will be encrypted and deleted after four weeks. Areas that do not comply with the QR code system or falsify their guest list will be required to pay fines or even close, the official added. service health. These facilities will have to comply by June 30, while those who do not use QR code readers will receive a warning as well. instructions for installation of.

South Korea is already demanding that such facilities control the temperature of visitors to see if anyone has a fever or not, while all visitors are required to wear masks face. The government in South Korea also demanded that visitors to these facilities be recorded on lists that could previously be created using pens and paper.

Prior to that announcement, South Korea had already demanded from those involved quarantine by the government to wear electronic bracelets. In March, the government in South Korea was released applications to alert citizens to the availability of face masks at nearby pharmacies, in an effort to address any deficiencies. The country's overall infection rate remained low, but there were some cases in Seoul last month in a club as well as in a warehouse run by the commercial giant. Coupang of the country. As of Wednesday, about 12.000 confirmed cases had been reported in South Korea. outbreaks COVID-19 and over 270 deaths.

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