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Create a multiboot USB with the Ventoy application

Create a multiboot USB with the Ventoy application

Usually, creating one Bootable USB To install an operating system, it consists of three basic steps: Format the USB device, download software to create the bootable USB, and save the installation file. Whether you are using Windows or not Linux To create the device, there are various tools (for example rufus) that will help you do this process simply and quickly. However, when you want to use your USB to install a new one operating system, you will need to do the above steps again, as a result of which you will lose the old operating system. Fortunately, there is a solution to the problem, which you call multiboot USB.

So multiboot USB is the ability to have multiple operating systems, in a single bootable USB device. There are several applications, such as WinSetupFromUSB, YUMI, and MultiSystem, which can create a multibootUSB. However, in this article we will work with Ventoy, which is the largest cross-platform application.

What exactly is Ventoy?

Ventoy is a new open source application that allows multiple bootable USBs to be created simultaneously. While most applications require device formatting every time we change the system, Ventoy can write the installation file of the new operating system without having to remove the old one.

Installing and managing the application is simple. All you have to do to make a multiboot USB is to install Ventoy on your USB device, and then copy them. ISO files of the systems you want, on the device.

All you have to do now is boot from the device on which you installed Ventoy. After selecting the device from the boot menu, h application will display a menu with the available operating systems.

The following is a list of Ventoy features:

  • 100% Open Code.
  • It does not decompress ISO files on USB.
  • Legacy and UEFI support.
  • Persistance support.
  • Support files larger than 4GB.
  • Customized boot menu.

How to create a multiboot USB:

Below, you see the process of creating a multiboot USB. Please be informed that we use ubuntu 20.04 for the following examples.

1) Download the Ventoy application

Download the application installation file.

2) Unzip the files

Create a multiboot USB with the Ventoy application

Unzip the file you just downloaded. You can decompress the file using the command:

tar -xvf ventoy-1.0.12-linux.tar.gz

3) USB recognition device

Connect your device, and type the command lsblk. So you will see the USB name in the system.

4) installation of Ventoy on USB device

Create a multiboot USB with the Ventoy application

Once you have connected your device, you can proceed with the installation of the application. You can install the application by typing the command:

sudo sh Ventoy2Disk.sh -i / dev / X

Note: You will need to replace the X with the name of your device. For example: sdb.

5) Make sure the mount status

Before we start creating a multiboot USB, you need to make sure that your device still has a mount point. If there is no mount point, you will need to reinstall the device.

6) Copy of ISO files

Create a multiboot USB with the Ventoy application

Copy the system installation files to the USB device.

7) Reboot and system selection

 After copying the files, restart your computer, and choose to boot from your device.

If you have done all the steps correctly, you should see the application menu. From this menu, you can choose which operating system you want to install or run live.

Source: fossbytes.com



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