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SNIK, Sin boy and YouTube trends: How to conquer the top

At the time of writing, the biggest Greek talents are gaining trap by denying YouTube trends. SNIK, Sin boy, Madclip are just some of the names that often star in the top positions of trends.

Artists like them make us believe that playing our videos on top of YouTube is easy. The truth is far from that, and winning a place in the trending spots is not a simple matter.

SNIK, Sin boy and YouTube trends: How to conquer the top

How will your videos reach the trends?

It is a strategic plan based on their content. Videos with longer duration and relevance, frequent posts and a well-maintained YouTube channel can help you make viral your videos.

If creating YouTube videos is your main content strategy, make sure you are dealing with topics that are relevant to trending. clips. Otherwise, you are not taking advantage of opportunities to advertise your brand or gain a new audience. You don't have to create videos just to post new content on YouTube. The content you create should pique the viewer's interest.

There are many points that play a role in creating a popular video. Everything is based on algorithm YouTube, which takes into account:

Monitoring time: Includes the number of views, the number of connection periods, the duration of the connection period and more.

Video Duration: It's a general observation that larger videos tend to outperform smaller videos in the YouTube algorithm because there are more opportunities to keep viewers interested.

Channel Connection: YouTube wants to promote channels more than individual videos. If a viewer finds a good one video, are very likely to click on his page channel to see more relevant content.

SNIK, Sin boy and YouTube trends: How to conquer the top

Why do these factors create trending videos? YouTube is looking for content that will attract new viewers and keep them on YouTube for as long as possible. Follow our tips to make your videos reach high trending spots.

1. Create long-lasting content

As mentioned earlier, larger videos perform better than smaller videos. A recent study suggests that 8-minute videos are 350% better than 5-minute videos.

There seems to be a correlation between the duration of the video, the duration of the viewing connection period and the total number of views. However, you should find an issue that is quite attractive for the duration of your video.

2. Promote your video quickly

If you are investing in promoting your YouTube video, the first 3 days of video release are the most important. The goal is to get as many people as possible to watch the video in the first 48-72 hours.

This can be done through his social networks website or through relevant advertisements. In all cases, your goal is to get as many views as possible at the beginning. Once that happens, you can focus on your target audience.

3. Use an attractive thumbnail

The thumbnail image (thumbnail) and the header affects much more than you think your video.

Your thumbnail should be attractive enough to make people stop watching your video and click. Avoid miniatures that are simply attractive but are not part of your actual content.

Miniature is also a great way to highlight the personality of a brand. For example, YouTube videos from influencers they often include a picture of themselves in the thumbnail along with something that catches the eye.

4. Optimize metadata for better search and viewing

Video production alone is not enough. It's important to optimize your video streaming on YouTube. These include your title, tags and description.

The goal is to write something exciting without revealing everything in the video. Describe in detail what the video is, but leave your viewers with questions.

Don't forget to include links that encourage your viewers to act in your description - remember this is the key point. marketing on YouTube. Lastly, never fill your description with labels.

SNIK, Sin boy and YouTube trends: How to conquer the top

5. Keep the image of your brand name

If you're not sure about the content of a particular video, don't experiment with it. Videos that are not relevant to your channel can harm it.

That doesn't mean you shouldn't try to create fresh content. However, your videos are part of your brand, so you want to make sure that the messages you send to your audience are consistent.

6. Be consistent YouTuber

At this point, it's safe to say that coherence is important for getting more views across your channel and not just for one video. When a viewer sees an attractive video, they are more likely to see more video from that channel.

That's why the YouTube algorithm favors promoting channels over promoting a video. How do we know that? This is due to the fact that 50% of the suggested videos come from the same channel, 40% come from associates or related channels and 10% for relatively popular videos.


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