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Facebook is suing an Indian company for providing fake Domains

Several companies or services create fake Domains for their applications Facebook, in order to seduce them users to click on malicious links.


Facebook has repeatedly taken legal action against such companies.

In the most recent case, Facebook targeted an Indian provider, Domain Compsys Domain Solutions Private Ltd. and submitted treatment in Virginia v. 12 Domain.

Such as Reported The company, Domain, was "designed to deceive people by falsifying the family of our applications." Some of the Domains use names like facebook-verify-inc.com, instagramhjack.com and videocall-whatsapp.com, which refer to acquaintances applications the company's.

As stated by Christen Dubois, IP Litigation Director on Facebook, the company took this action "in order to prevent fraud and stop the malicious use of our companies and products".

Dubois also said it had tried to contact the Indian company to discuss the change of domains, but had received no response from it, so they filed a lawsuit against it.

In addition, as Dubois said, lawsuits against such companies are a move that helps Facebook's mission to protect its users from "electronic fishing, theft of credentials and other methods of online fraud."

This is not the first time Facebook has filed a lawsuit against a service proxy or a Domain provider. In March, he sued the popular provider Domain Namecheap as he stated that some of the Domains he provided to users were intended to "deceive people by pretending to be connected to Facebook applications". He filed a similar lawsuit against him OnlineNIC in October of 2019.

The incident came at a particularly troubled time for Facebook, which has been criticized recently, even by employees on how to deal with the posts of the President of the United States, <br><br>Donald Trump.

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