HomesecurityHackers are targeting the German medical device purchasing system

Hackers are targeting the German medical device purchasing system

Hackers who sent phishing emails to more than 100 employees of a German company and its European suppliers have been identified, a security company said on Monday.


The hacking attempt was part of a seemingly coordinated effort to steal data on people involved in the German government's efforts to secure face masks and other necessary materials from international sources, according to a report released by the IBM's X-Force Incident.

The suspicious activity started on March 30, from an IP address based in Russia and seems to be continuing, according to the report. Fishing emails direct targets to fake Microsoft Corp. login pages.

The German company and its suppliers were not named and it was not clear if any of the fraudulent e-mails were effective. However, the IBM report shows the increased risk of invasion by organizations involved in work associated with pandemics, from the supply of medical equipment to the development of vaccines.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Bureau of Investigation said in May that hackers working for the Chinese government were trying to steal research data on possible vaccines for Covid-19 from American companies and government services. THE World Health Organisation revealed in April that he had detected growing attacks on senior employees' accounts, including WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus and Bruce Aylward, a senior PES envoy who led a Cov 19 response team.

The report IBM did not attribute the attempted attacks he discovered to a particular country or group. The potential motivations for hacking people involved in tackling pandemics vary from gathering information about others' progress. countries to criminal targets for finding ways to take advantage of the growing demand for medical equipment and supplies.

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