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Windows 10 Updates: You can block them with Wu10Man!

Η Microsoft Launched the Windows 10 update in May 2020, so it will soon be available on your computer. At the same time, more and more users are reporting that their update Windows 10 2004 causes problems on their computers. For example, updating functions presents compatibility issues with Optane memory of Intel. So if you want to disable the latest update of Windows 10, then you can use one open source tool called "Wu10Man".

How to block them Windows 10 Updates with Wu10Man?
Wu10Man was originally released in 2018, but o programmer He was recently informed so that he could support more features after seeing the repercussions of the previous version. Wu10Man lets you disable all Windows Services that are responsible for updating your system. The list includes Windows Update, Windows Modules Installer and Windows Update Medic Service. To complete this process, you need to click on simple-to-use toggle buttons. In addition, with Wu10Man it is possible to block all of them domains, in which they try to acquire access Windows 10 when they want to download a feature update or cumulative update. These addresses URL are listed on the "Computer File" tab and can be disabled with one click on the corresponding toggle buttons.

In addition, the tool extends the time limit you can pause or postpone updates to Windows 10. The feature already exists in application "Settings", but only allows the postponement of updates for a limited number of days. With Wu10Man, you can set different dates or number of days for function updates and cumulative updates. In addition to blocking updates, you can also use this open source utility to remove some of the unwanted applications from Windows 10, known as "bloatware."

You can download Wu10Man from its repo GitHub, while you can still either install it as a regular Windows 10 application or use the portable version. Finally, it is worth noting that the Wu10Man tool makes changes to the Windows registry, modifies services. So you need to know exactly what to do and of course keep it backups of your system.


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