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Attack on America's 5G towers on Saturday!

Protests over 5G connectivity are scheduled to take place over the weekend, according to NATE. According to a recommendation made on Thursday, mobile phone towers may accept attack on Saturday, 5G World Protest Day.

NATE: Attack on America's 5G towers on Saturday!

«NATE, as an organization, heard from official sources that activities are planned for World 5G Day for Saturday, across the country.Said NATE.

NATE, is a Non-Profit Organization, which represents companies from USA, Canada, the United Kingdom, China, Singapore, Spain, the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Ghana, Israel, Jamaica, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia and Trinidad.

The CEO of the organization, Todd Schlekeway, he told Light Reading what he heard Rumors of a 5G protest from tower operators and companies. The NATE, T-Mobile, Verizon and CTIA, representing the industry wireless networks in America, did not respond immediately to requests for comment. AT&T did not make any statement.

"NATE reminds member companies and their employees be careful, be vigilant and report any kind of unusual or suspect activity observe on the way to work on the side of the 5G towers this weekend. "

NATE: Attack on America's 5G towers on Saturday!

Rumors of a protest day follow attacks on the towers of the United Kingdom, due to conspiracy theory that the 5G network be responsible for the spread of COVID-19.

Conspiracy theory has no basis why radio waves do not have the ability to cause viruses. Social media Facebook and Twitter, as well as YouTube, which has banned content related to virus outbreaks due to 5G, have pledged to prevent misinformation.

UK agencies have also called on citizens to stop burning mobile phone towers, and the National Medical Director described the theory as "complete and utter rubbish".


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