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Home security Tycoon ransomware: Windows and Linux computers at risk!

Tycoon ransomware: Windows and Linux computers at risk!

Tycoon ransomware

A new ransomware, recently discovered, aims systems Windows and Linux. The ransomware is called Tycoon and has been active since December 2019. Experts believe it is the work of criminals who are particularly selective in targeting their victims. Malware also uses one unusual technique that helps it stay hidden in the breached networks.

Most Tycoon victims are organizations in its branch education and software.

Tycoon was discovered and analyzed by researchers BlackBerry and KPMG. It is an unusual form ransomware, because it is written in Java, is developed as a trojanised Java Runtime Environment and appears as file Java image (Jimage) to hide his malicious intentions.

These methods are not commonly used in ransomware. "Java is rarely used to create malware because it requires the Java Runtime Environment to be able to execute code. Also, image files are rarely used for malware attacks, "said Eric Milam, a BlackBerry executive.

"The attackers are turning to the unusual programming languages and in "strange" data formats. "Here, the attackers did not have to hide their code, but managed to achieve their goals", he added.

Linux Windows

However, the first stage of Tycoon ransomware attacks is quite common. The initial invasion is through unsafe RDP servers. This method is often used for attacks and exploits servers with weak or already compromised passwords. access.

When they enter the network, the attackers use them Image File Execution Options (IFEO) injection settings, which often provide developers with the ability to detect software errors. The hackers they also try to disable malware protection software using it ProcessHacker.

After running, Tycoon ransomware encrypts the network. Encrypted files get extensions like .redrum, .grinch and .thanos. The attackers then ask ransom from the victims to "release" the data. The attackers demand ransom in Bitcoin and claim that the price depends on how quickly the victim communicates through e-mail.

The fact that the campaign is still ongoing shows that attacks are successful.

Researchers believe that Tycoon could possibly be linked to another form of ransomware, Dharma (also known as Crysis), as they have several similarities.

Although Tycoon uses some rare methods of attack, we can prevent its execution.

Organizations need to properly insure their RDP servers and ensure that accounts do not use default or weak credentials.

Immediate implementation security updates It can also prevent many ransomware attacks as criminals known cannot be exploited vulnerabilities. Furthermore, the regular backups it is necessary, because even if the files are encrypted, the organizations will still have them access in these.


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