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Linux Greenie: Version 20.04 released with new desktop

Linux Greenie: Version 20.04 released with new desktop

Greenie Linux is one operating system based on ubuntu, which was created specifically for users who read and write e-books. This distribution comes from Slovakia, which is why it mainly targets users in the country, as well as users from the Czech Republic.

Recently, the new Greenie Linux 20.04 was released, which uses its repositories ubuntu 20.04 LTS, while at the same time it comes with KDE Plasma desktop 5.18. This is the most important change in this version.

As already mentioned, the distribution is aimed at users in Slovakia and the Czech Republic, which is why new versions of these languages ​​have been added to the latest version. At the same time, the creator of the system decided to remove some of the Asian languages.

In addition to language improvements, version 20.04 also offers new features. One of them allows users to instantly install some tools such as Focuswriter and Caliber, which are useful for managing various books.

Another feature of version 20.04 is the replacement of Chromium with Firefox browser. This does not mean, however, that we can no longer use Chromium. The old Greenie Linux browser continues to be available to users through the snap packaging tool.

Unfortunately, there are some changes in the new version of the operating system, which users do not like. One of them is the removal of custom graphic scripts. This was done in order to maintain the basic appearance of the system, which is similar to that of kubuntu.

How to install Greenie Linux 20.04:

If you use it operating system Already, you can easily upgrade to the new version, after first updating the system packages. The process is simple, and can be done both in a graphical environment and with the terminal.

Otherwise, you can download the installation file, and then install the system using a bootable USB.

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