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Twitter: How to restore the old layout if you don't like the new one?

Twitter has finally closed its old issue platform on June 1, 2020, forcing all users desktop use the new device that is inspired by that of mobile phones. This happened after Twitter released the new user interface in July 2019 and, starting in May 2020, began to show a warning that the old version of Twitter would end for everyone on June 1st. While, in the past, there were some solutions for reactivating the old version of twitter.com or by changing the user factor of web browsers in Internet Explorer 11 or by removing the rweb_optin cookie, they no longer work. Since the old version of Twitter has been discontinued, it makes no sense to switch to one web browser no longer supported or overturned cookie, as the old theme is no longer available, so it will appear error "This web browser is no longer supported."

Although Twitter no longer makes it possible to use the web client program with the old-fashioned layout, Tampermonkey userscript called GoodTwitter2, developed by Bl4Cc4t, will rearrange the new Twitter interface to make it nice again. According to its creator, GoodTwitter2 is not a copy of the old design. After users install userscript on Google Chrome or to Mozilla Firefox using the usercript manager TamperMonkey, they will receive the old navbar again, have their Twitter profile back on the left side of the interface and will no longer need to use the new device that is the same as the mobile ones on their desktop desktop.

To install userscript GoodTwitter2 on Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, users must first install Tampermonkey and then download the script from its repository. GitHub following these steps:

  • Install Tampermonkey from Chrome Webstore or Firefox Add-Ons site. Click on the link that will activate Tampermonkey to request an installation screen.
  • Click on install and if Chrome is used, the process ends here. As for Firefox users, they should exchange security for convenience, because, in order for the script to work, they must also completely turn off Content Security Policy (CSP) by going to: config and changing the security.csp.enable label. in false.

CSP is a standard security which helps detect and mitigate Cross Site Scripting (XSS), clickjacking and other data infusion attacks that can lead to data theft and malware infection programs. Once installed, users can access the GoodTwitter2 settings from the Twitter interface by clicking their profile icon in the upper right corner, going to "Security & Privacy" and clicking on the GoodTwitter2 entry in General Settings.

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