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The Rust programming language in Tiobe's top 20

The Rust programming language has entered Tiobe's top 20 for the first time, but is still five places behind rival Go.

There is growing interest in using Rust to program systems to build large platforms, especially Microsoft, which uses it for Windows and Azure in order to eliminate memory errors in code written in C and C ++. Amazon Web Services also uses Rust for performance components sensitive to Lambda, EC2 and S3 performance.


Rust has seen her place in her rankings rise sharply in Tiobe, from 38 last year to 20 today. Tiobe's index is based on searching for a language in large search engines, so it doesn't mean that more people are using Rust, but it shows that more developers are looking for information about the language.

Rust was voted the most popular programming language by developers in the Stack Overflow survey for 2020. This year, 86% of developers said they would like to use Rust, but only 5% already use it.

On the other hand, it could be used more widely thanks to Microsoft's public preview of the Rust library for Windows Runtime (WinRT), which makes it easier for developers to write Windows, cross-platform apps and drivers on Rust.

Paul Jansen, CEO of Tiobe Software, said that the rise of Rust is due to the fact that it is a system programming language that "works properly".

However, Rust requires commitment to learning. Microsoft Azure developers were initially less productive in Rust than Go, but spent less time in the end making debugging and checking for errors automatically.

Research by Rust project developers in 2020 found that users find it difficult to adopt the language due to the sharp curve learning and because few Companies they use it. THE Google has ruled out Rust for its new Fuchsia OS, because very few developers are familiar with the language.

Developers are also increasingly looking at Go-safe for system programming, with the language being used to build platforms on Google, Netflix, Salesforce, IBM and Twitter. In Tiobe from position 15 a year ago he went to position 12.

A recent survey of more than 16.000 developers found that Go is the most sought after language. Rust and Go are linked to salaries of more than $ 120.000 in the United States, according to Stack Overflow research.

Also new to Tiobe's top 20 is Scratch, the visual programming language developed by MIT Media Lab to teach children how to program. Scratch is an option for beginners to learn programming in Raspberry Pi. Scratch moved from 26th to 18th place in the Tiobe index, but its highest ranking was 14 in 2017.

The R programming language went from 22nd to 9th place, almost reaching the top 8 in 2018.

Surprisingly, Microsoft's TypeScript ranks only 44th in Tiobe's index. RedMonk developer analyst, who bases his rankings on GitHub and Stack Overflow data, ranked TypeScript 9th in his latest rankings.

The adoption of TypeScript is guided by the huge volume of existing JavaScript code out there. It is also extremely popular with developers, second only to researching Rust in Stack Overflow for 2020 and shortly before Python.

Tiobe's top 10 programming languages ​​for June 2020 are C, Java, Python, C ++, C #, Visual Basic, JavaScript, PHP, R and SQL.

The rankings are roughly aligned with Stack Overflow's list of most commonly used languages, which were JavaScript, HTML / CSS, SQL, Python, Java, Bash / Shell / PowerShell, C #, PHP, TypeScript, C ++, C and Go .


  1. If he's used to one programming language, it's very difficult to go to another (unless you see that the benefits are huge)
    Is there anyone who can convince us why we have to deal with all these new languages ​​coming out ???


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