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Mark Zuckerberg justifies his stance on Trump

On Tuesday o Mark Zuckerberg, Its CEO Facebook, urged officials to calm their anger over his inaction on the recent inflammatory reports released by the president <br><br>Donald Trump.

Mark Zuckerberg justifies his stance on Trump
Mark Zuckerberg: Facebook employees are turning against him

«When looting begins, so do the shootingsTrump said in a statement about the Mineapolis protests. This is an undeniably racist phrase, even though its president America She claimed that she did not know her prehistory, and left the original report to appear publicly on Facebook and Twitter.

In a recent meeting with his staff, Mark Zuckerberg struggled to explain his decision not to oppose Trump. His effort is in vain, since his staff constantly bombarded him with comments about his promises to remove content violence or content that could lead to impending physical abuse.

A Facebook employee said that Mark Zuckerberg's answers to the assembly were incomplete, and he would rather risk being alienated from the workers than reporting his concerns to them..

The workers' meeting threatened to further exacerbate the Facebook climate, which is accused of bias in favor of the right by conservatives and is criticized for tacit acceptance of the spread of hatred and racism.

Mark Zuckerberg: Facebook employees are turning against him

On Monday, some of the workers organized virtual protest march over Mark Zuckerberg's decisions when it comes to Trump. In fact, at least one employee, the engineer software Timothy Aveni, has already left the company stating that "it is no longer possible to continue to justify Facebook's behavior.»

But in the end, it may not all be so tragic for Mark Zuckerberg, as there seem to be employees who support it. position of. «Supporting free speech, especially when you strongly disagree with its content, is a very difficult but important decision, but it is necessary to ensure that everyone can have a voice., "Said another company employee. He also said it was difficult to say for sure what percentage supported Zuckerberg.

Until recently, tFacebook staff were known for their confidentiality of internal disputes. But that changed when Mark Zuckerberg announced he would not take action against Trump, much to the frustration of his employees, and leakage of comments.

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