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Home security Critical software error turns planes in the wrong direction!

Critical software error turns planes in the wrong direction!

Recently, researchers security have discovered a special software bug that is considered very critical as it turns planes in the wrong direction. This error was first detected in 2017 by Name Canada, in a Bombardier CRJ-200. This error leads planes in the wrong direction. Specifically, it turns an aircraft to the right instead of to the left if pilots adjust the predetermined altitude. This software error is due, among other things, to the fact that the pilots used the mode temperature management system of the flight management system (FMS) in an extremely cold climate.

According to an experienced pilot, choosing the right altitude or using the temperature compensation does not really affect the flight department. So we can say that only because of the design error, the flight department was affected.

Rockwell Collins opposed the FAA and the steps set out to address this incident. Thus, a necessary directive for their navigation was published in Europe this week operators CRJ-200 aircraft to reduce automatic temperature compensation by mid-June. The FAA was not satisfied with this decision, so it disagreed with the deactivation of the FMS operation, arguing that it was necessary in unsafe conditions. Also, both companies disagreed with the ban on automatic FMS, stating that one repair software could be achieved more easily compared to banning the use of electronics computer.

Also, Airbus and the Boeing found that most airline errors can develop into an unexpected memory overflow during the year. In addition, there is a plan belonging to Bombardier, the Airbus A220, which presented the same software problems to its engines last year. Also, the Boeing 737 presented a unique error that could reveal information through the cockpit, indicating, for example, whether the pilots were trying to land on seven specific runways.


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