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Facebook: Verify ID for accounts with viral posts!

On the occasion of the news storm that has been published in recent days regarding the demonstrations that are taking place in view of the murder of the African-American George Floyd A police officer in Minneapolis, against police brutality and racism in the US, Facebook announced last week that it would now require Facebook accounts with a large number of followers on USA to verify their identity. Specifically, the company pointed out that the Profile who have quite a large audience and also have a pattern of non-genuine behavior and posts quickly go viral, they will be asked to verify their identity while also, the distribution of their posts may be affected. If the owner of such a profile chooses not to verify his / her identity or if the ID provided does not match the linked Facebook account, the distribution of the viral posting of the profile will continue to decrease, resulting in fewer people seeing it. In addition, if the profile he is posting is a Facebook page admin, the "Page Publishing Authorization" must be completed, and it will not be possible to post posts from the page until the account is verified through the systems of Facebook. The company stressed that profile authentication is about transparency. In particular, he said he wants people to feel confident that they understand who is behind the content they see on Facebook, which is especially important when it comes to content that appeals to many people. Identity verification is nothing new for Facebook, but the use of the process by the company has increased in recent months, following the revelation that the content supported by Russia reached 126 million Americans in platform of Facebook during and after the 2016 presidential election. To address the issue, Facebook in August 2018 launched a new process that included logging in to their Facebook page administrators and verifying their sites. In December 2018, the resulting section "People who manage this page" was released on all Facebook pages with a large audience. Similar authentication and verification tools have also been released in Instagram in 2018. In addition, in April, both Facebook and Instagram began displaying the location of a Facebook page or an Instagram account with a large audience in each post that is shared. The company believes that this transparency will allow users to better determine the reliability and authenticity of the accounts hidden behind any kind of posts.

At this point, special emphasis should be placed on the time in which Facebook made the announcement regarding the verification of profile identities with viral posts. The announcement came on the same day as US President Donald Trump Tramp, signed an executive order with the direct aim of its companies SOCIAL MEDIA. It was also the same day that the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, appeared on Fox News to explain why he didn't do the same thing he did Twitter as for Trump. In a way, this change is an attempt by Facebook to show that it is actually mitigating its platform by reducing the spread of viral posts from unconfirmed sources. And this is something that the company may point out later when asked by regulators about how to deal with problems with bots and others trying to hide their identities as they handle Facebook to spread their viral content.

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