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Antifa tweets from extreme rightists call for violence!

The "Antifa tweets»That flooded it Twitter and promoted violence, in fact they came from a well-known far-right group! The information came to light after a statement from Twitter on Monday, while a company spokesman added that they had removed the account.

Antifa tweets from far right, call for violence!

«he account violated him handling our platform and policy of spam, in particular the creation of fake accounts. We took action when the account sent a Tweet which promoted it violence and was contrary to Twitter's rules. "

Note that Antifa tweets and the revelation of the fake account, come at a time when ο Donald Trump accuses leftist activists of inciting violence in US protests. On Sunday, he even stated to you tweet, that it will define Antifa as terrorist organisation, something the government has no legal authority to do.

The term "Antifa" is short for "Anti-facistists" a group of people with common political beliefs, usually leftists, and characteristics such as anti-fascism. Their positions are often not easily identifiable, but most are supporters of the most oppressed population and are protesting against it. accumulation of wealth in business and in the bourgeoisie in general.

Antifa tweets from far right, call for violence!

According to Twitter, the fake account "@ANTIFA_US", Is directly linked to the organization of white far right,European Identity». However, the religious group "Anti-Defamation LeaugeClaims that this group was disbanded, and re-established under the name "American Identitarian Movement ”, which also consists of white far-right. The group calls itself "identical", meaning that all whites should represent their race and culture. ID card.

The account may have only had a few thousand followers, but the proof remains that the far right in America they are trying to create tensions by pretending to be left-wing activists on the internet.

The phenomenon of creating fake Antifa accounts by right-wingers erupted before the current wave of protests. The bill, which was removed on Monday, was not the first to be linked to racists, a Twitter spokesman confirmed.


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