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Protests in the US are delaying the event for Android 11

Android 11

As planned, the manifestation to present the features of the new Android 11 from Google would take place on June 3. However, the protests and demonstrations that have erupted in USA for the death of George Floyd, forced the company to postpone the event for the time being.

As the company said on its Android Developers Twitter account: "We're excited to tell you more about Android 11, but now is not the time to celebrate. We are postponing the event of June 3 and the release of the beta version. We'll be back soon with more information on Android 11. "

Although the company does not explicitly state why the event was postponed, it is clear that it refers to the demonstrations that are currently taking place across the country.

In several areas, protesters became violent and looted and set fire to shopping malls and shops.

Google has not announced a new date for the launch of the new operating system, nor for its release. beta issue.

On the other hand, the protest also created a rift between the US President, <br><br>Donald Trump and Twitter, since the platform pointed to a Trump tweet in support of violence.

Most users They agreed with Google's decision to postpone the online event for the release of Android 11 for the time being, however there were some who argued that technology should not be entangled with politics.  

At this time and given the tense situation between the authorities and the protesters, it seems that the company has made the right decision. We hope that the Google will soon announce the new date of the event for Android 11, where it will present its new features to the general public.

For those who were looking forward to this event and want to get a first taste of the new features, they can see them here..

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