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Bill Gates: New conspiracy theory for the COVID-19 vaccine

New conspiracy theory wants him Bill Gates to design use the vaccine, which will be made to fight COVID-19, to inject microchips into billions of people in order to monitor their movements.

Bill Gates conspiracy theory
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More than 40% of Republicans believe that Bill Gates will use it vaccine of the corona to implant monitoring microchips. More and more new supporters of the rumor are appearing every day and there has been a lot of discussion, especially among Fox News audiences, Republicans and voters. Trump, according to his research Yahoo News and YouGov.

H research, held, was quite representative, with participants 1.640 adults from America. He showed that the largest percentage of those who believe that the rumor about Bill Gates is true, belongs to those who stated that their main source of information is Fox News. Immediately next are the Republicans and people who voted for him Donald Trump in 2016. 44% of both groups believe the rumor is true. On the other hand, 26% of Republicans believe this is not the case, while several (31%) said they were unsure.

The FacebookThe Twitter and YouTube They said they were facing publicity for conspiracy theories, linking to links to websites with more and more valid information. Many times delete dangerous content which can have a negative impact on readers.


The foundation «Bill and Melinda Gates», which funds medical research and vaccination programs around the world, did not immediately respond to any call for comment, although it has become the focus of attention. Of course, his intense effort to find a vaccine also contributes to this.

In their analysis New York Times and Zignal Labs, it was found that the most common conspiracy theory for him COVID-19 related to Bill Gates.

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