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Power Glove: It turned into a modular synth controller!

Power Glove: turned into a modular synth controller: Sam Battle, found a way to turn her glove Nintendo, in "remote control" music, and adjust everything by simply waving his fingers.  

Power glove

The Power glove, as its name implies, is a glove virtual reality, specially designed to handle their movements games on Nintendo Entertainment System. It was first released in 1989 and soon caught everyone's attention thanks to its early virtual reality and good marketing mechanisms. Power Glove users can control what's going on screen with only one finger shake their.

Gaming equipment operates via electronic transmitters which are integrated into the glove. With the right procedures, users can control it character of the game combining the traditional way of the buttons with the movements of their fingers.

Sam Battle, also known as "Look Mum No Computer", he hated a NES Power Glove so he can control it modular synth setup. Electronic melodies, pulses, tonality, range and volume are now adjusted through the glove with various gestures.

To perfect it, Battle created a robotic arm that input from the synth to operate the glove, which in turn controls the synth. It is essentially a unique circuit feedback.

Many details have already been reported, both in a video posted by the inventor himself in the UAF YouTube-channel, as well as in connection diagrams. These data can help users modify Power Glove on their own and achieve the same result. It may ultimately be a much cheaper approach to music gloves than Imogen Heap's suggestion.

Although Battle has hinted at a possible sequel, there is no official announcement that the Power Glove project will be further developed.

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