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Home business Netflix deletes subscriptions for inactive users!

Netflix deletes subscriptions for inactive users!

Netflix's new policy brings out subscriptions for users whose accounts remain inactive for the last year or more. The service video on-demand decided to ask users who have not watched anything, the intended time, if they wish to keep them accounts their. If no one answers, Netflix will delete it subscription of.

Netflix subscriptions for users who are not active are deleted!

The first customer updates have already started, for subscriptions that have not used it platform during the last year. Except for the users who are inactive In the last 12 months, Netflix will also be communicating with subscribers who have not taken any action on their account for more than 2 years.

"It's bad to realize that you've signed up for something but never used it. At Netflix, the last thing we want for our customers is to pay for something they don't use, "the company said.

According to information provided by the company, these accounts, known in this industry as "zombie accounts", concern only a few thousand users and more specifically less than 1% of Netflix members. Something they must have taken into account before making that decision.

The video streaming service, with over 182 million subscribers by the end of March, also said that for accounts to be deleted, it would be easier to re-subscribe to platform in case they wish. Those who become members again within 10 months will still have access to the previous settings of their account such as "Favorites", the "Profile" , their “Preferences” and account details.

Netflix subscriptions for users who are not active are deleted!

"In the meantime, we hope this approach will save money for people who are finding it difficult to make ends meet," he said. Eddy Wu, Netflix Product Innovation Director.

This move is not so common for companies, but it shows us Netflix's trust in its customer base. Most subscription companies will exploit such users without a second thought for as long as they can. It is undoubtedly one initiative which honors both Netflix and its representatives.


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